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The two hit it off, and after some light banter, Hannah found herself on a couch, tongue deep in the mouth of a girl whose enthusiasm for this turn of events was matched only by her level of intoxication. Instead, Hannah walked her back to campus. While she had no reservations over her decision to turn down a girl too inebriated to give consent, Hannah was shocked — and disappointed — by how many of her friends did. This is not the first time Hannah has been asked this question. But for someone like Hannah, who was coerced into having sex by a friend of hers when she was 17, getting teased for so-called prudish behavior is anything but empowering. In fact, she said the experience can be incredibly triggering for someone striving for healthy, affirmative consent after a traumatic experience. While Hannah said that she was initially uncomfortable with the idea that her friends thought she should have hooked up with the intoxicated student, she was also surprised to find that they considered intercourse between two girls to be an exception. For Hannah, these microaggressions against her experience hook up culture and sexual assault as a survivor and as a queer woman only served to further alienate her from this campus.

The issue of sexual assault on college campuses has become an important conversation in the media, academia and among students themselves—including Duke students. According hook up culture and sexual assault the National Sexual Violence Research Center, one in five women will be sexually assaulted while in college whereas 90 percent of sexual assaults will go unreported. It has found that in the year The dominant narrative regarding this widespread problem argues that although sex should remain completely free, it must also be consensual. In other words, although no code of morality should regulate sex—other than the code hook up culture and sexual assault morality one prescribes to oneself—the prevention of rape and sexual assault relies on the fact that both sexual partners agree to the same sexual act.

Our program leverages research by Dr. Now is the time to have an honest, impactful conversation punctuated by laughter instead of snickering. This program is designed to:. Clarify hook up culture and sexual assault real differences between a healthy sexual encounter, a regretted one, and rape.
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Due to pressure applied by student activists and the Department of Justice, colleges all over the United States are trying to reduce the incidence of sexual assault on campus, or at least trying to avoid bad publicity or the loss of hook up culture and sexual assault funds. Asked what subject might benefit from more rigorous debate, Leah Fessler, a recent college graduate who writes about romance, sexual culture, and gender dynamics, wondered if looking at unwanted sex from a different angle might help. Is campus rape sometimes an extension of hookup culture — the far, disturbing end of an increasingly fluid "sexual culture spectrum"? I think the effort to reduce rape, sexual assault, and unwanted sex could benefit from debating that question. When environmental influences on rape and sexual assault are discussed, the focus is often on alcohol, binge drinking and Greek life facilitating excessive intoxication. This debate does not imply that all instances of campus sexual assault are potentially affected by sexual culture on campus; crimes like that of Brock Turner, to me, evidence sociopathic behavior and crystal clear lack of consent, not confusion partly caused by environmental factors. Nor should this debate be a gateway to blaming rape victims, claiming that alcohol turns people into rapists, or suggesting that hookup culture ought to be replaced by collegiate abstinence.

I spent the first three years of undergrad hearing everyone's tales of casual sexual exploits, fueled by alcohol, and figured that was the norm. I was part of this culture. I went to parties, high-fived friends for hookups, wing-manned When you are part of a culture that tells you getting laid is always a net positive, it's difficult to see the dark underside of that. Lisa Wadea sociology professor at Occidental College, has been researching our generation's sexual habits. Her new book, " American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus ," which comes out in January, is all about how the culture functions. What makes our current hook up culture and sexual assault situation different from previous generations, Wade told me, is that "everyone expects that everyone" is having casual sex. This is different from when she went to college in the '90s.

The problem of sexual assault is not new. Tomorrow, we will propose some solutions that aim at the heart of the problem—a culture that reduces sexual activities to the level of recreation—but in order to arrive at a solution, we first need to understand the reality of the problem we face. That as many as one in four—or, at the very least, one in ten—young women have experienced sexual assault sounds so nightmarish. Sadly, rampant sexual assault on campus is a reality that thousands will return to this coming September and that many freshmen will encounter for the first time. Broadly speaking, when we think of rape, one of two narratives comes to mind: Neither of these is a very helpful construction for a serious conversation about sexual assault. The first scenario represents a very small portion of sexual assaults on college campuses and is by no hook up culture and sexual assault unique to campus life. The latter—which is not actually an example of assault—gives cover to those who would explain away all assault as simply a matter of blurred lines and choices regretted in the light of day.
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