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By Daily Mail Reporter Created: Members of New York's five Mafia families targeted in raids. No police funny dating flowcharts big enough, so suspects held at army base Fort Hamilton. Army of officers take in part in dawn raids. A remarkable FBI organisation chart which reveals the hierarchy of the main New York mafia families was revealed yesterday after federal agents made more than arrests in the biggest organised crime crackdown in history. The colour-coded chart shows how the syndicates' organisation bears more of a resemblance to a corporate line-up than that of notorious crime families. Scroll down for video report.

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Flow charts are a creative way to engage readers and help lead them on a journey to the information they are seeking. One of our favorite flow charts was about choosing a book to read for the summer listed here. This is a collection of 10 of the most interesting and funny flowcharts that you might not have seen before. And if your interests match any of the flow chart infographics below, you may learn a thing or two before you are done. Find your funny dating flowcharts female character from our entertainment channels — search by traits such as level of crazy or her role.
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Says Sarah in St. Apparently, one of her co-workers thought breaking things down into funny dating flowcharts might help. Passive-aggressive flowcharts. May 13, at 7: So glad I left office life behind a couple years ago. This is the kind of thing people worry about? So sad. May 13, at 2:

funny dating flowcharts
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